Our daycare works hard to stay posted on the most up-to-date teaching methods.    Our methods are exemplified in the activities we do with the kids.

Our activities are in the fields of:
  • Art
  • Science
  • Movement
  • Music
  • Outdoor play & nature walk
  • Sense related activities (smell, sight, feel)

We like kids to learn by doing things themselves and provide them with an endless amount of enthusiasm as well as tools to explore with.

Center Time:
Arts, crafts, games, and more
Age Appropriate Curriculum with emphasis on math, Science, and Social Development

We provide Healthy Nutritious Meals and Snacks enriched with Vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Iron.

Evening care (closing late at 10:30 p.m.) - Coming Soon!

306  E. Ave. C
Belton, Texas 76513
(254) 613-4423